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Explore some of our pre-sign up questions and answers. 

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  • What is MartialClub?

    MartialClub aims to provide modern clubs with everything needed to run a superb martial arts club website. We focus on making the experience simple, affordable and as admin-light as possible. Effectively, you pay one single, affordable annual membership charge to use our amazing hosting, site builder, free SSL certificate and unlimited tech support. Everything you need to build the perfect club website.


  • Why use it over any other web design or hosting provider?

    There's lots to like about alot of hosting provisions but most lack simplicity and ease of access. We know martial arts clubs aren't necessarily going to be experts in web design so we've built MartialClub around the needs of clubs and dojos. We know what you need and how to make that happen, so you can focus on what happens on the mats. Our pricing is competitive and built with martial arts club in mind, too. It's cheaper than the most affordable alternatives from the likes of GoDaddy and Wix and it's build by martial artists for martial artists.

  • What makes it unique?

    Unlike just hosting (which definitely has it's place!) our MartialClub provision packs a real punch with the easy to use, code free, drag and drop website builder. This helps you access everything you need - including advanced design tools if you wish to 'go under the hood' with the ability to build superb websites easily if you have never done it before.

  • I already have a website and domain. Can I still use MartialClub?

    Yes, absolutely. We deliberately don't include a domain name with MartialClub subscriptions so you can use your own. Simply point your 'A' records to us using your DNS management and you're ready to go without needing to make any other changes whatsoever. This means you can manage and retain control of your domain and any associated services (such as email).

    If you don't already have a domain name, we would recommend our sister company, MartialHost.

  • Can I keep my current website and add to it with MartialClub?

    MartialClub needs to be pointed to from an existing domain, so if you already have a site elsewhere you won't be able to import that to our software. 

  • Can you host extras like forums or advanced user accounts?

    There are lots of great features in our site builder that make it a versatile and unique web site builder. If you need very specialist provisions - such as an app or forums, please check with us first. It might not be suitable, but you're welcome to try the software for yourself with no obligation to pay a penny until (or unless) you're ready to publish.

  • Will it work on a phone?

    All websites built using our software will work brilliantly from a smart phone or other mobile device. We wouldn't recommend trying to build a website by phone however. Some things just work better from a proper screen!

  • Why is it so affordable?

    Because we're a not for profit arm of the BMABA Group Of Social Enterprises who use martial arts to change lives. We're a part of the UK martial arts industry and want to keep it thriving. 

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